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New Hampshire Only State to Reject Fed Funds for Public Charter Ed

Last December, the Democratic-controlled New Hampshire Fiscal Committee voted to reject $46 million in federal funding to help create more public charter schools and provide parents with educational options in the state’s public school system. Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes, now the Democratic nominee for governor, supported the decision to reject this funding. [...]

Feltes Motion

The Feltes Motion gives NH the dubious honor of being the first state in the nation to reject federal CSP funds for public schools.


Concord, New Hampshire, 9/23/20 , - On Friday the U.S. Secretary of Education told the NH Journal that New Hampshire had become the first state in the nation to refuse to accept a federal Charter School Program (CSP) grant for public schools in the program's 17+ year history.


This dubious honor is the result of the “Feltes Motion” which passed 7-3 at the 12/13/19 meeting of the State Legislative Fiscal Committee. The Feltes Motion moved to deny acceptance of the federal grant (over $46M) awarded to New Hampshire from the U.S. Department of Education's Charter School Program (CSP) in 2019.


"The outcome of the vote was truly stunning because under the terms of the federal award funding was to be prioritized for programs seeking to serve New Hampshire's economically and educationally disadvantaged students. School districts and individual schools across the state could receive up to $1.5 million to support those populations in need." said Matt Southerton President of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.


NH School funding has been an issue for years. Currently we have a commission reviewing the funding process. The commission has been working on the funding issue for about a year and will likely need more time. With funding such an issue and public schools underfunded, why would the State Legislative Fiscal Committee reject $46 million in funding? My thanks to the NH Journal for portions of this report. Charlie

Democrats House and Senate Bill Voting Record


  • 65% FOR eliminating wood stoves built prior to 1986. (HB290)
  • 97% FOR banning plastic straws. (HB558)
  • 96% FOR banning plastic or paper bags. (HB560)
  • 100% FOR banning flame retardants for alleged health reasons but permitting use of those same “unhealthy” products in schools and hospitals. (SB193) [...]

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